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 Street Doctor
To report a blocked drain, pot hole or a problem with the verges please click on the link below to the Street Doctor reporting system.

The Street Doctor

Street Doctor

The Highway Warden (HW) Scheme
Northamptonshire Highways are launching a New Highways Warden Scheme.

The Highway Warden will be a volunteer supported by the parish/town council and Northamptonshire Highways.  The HW will act as the eyes and ears for the local area and is a key point of contact.  They will provide the link between the local community and Northamptonshire Highways.

As a volunteer you can adjust the role to suit your requirements.
Once signed up the Highway Warden will receive a date to attend an induction, a handbook and will attend a walk around the Finedon area with your Area Manager and Community Liaison Officer.

Highway wardens are the voice of the parish therefore we ask that you represent the interest of the group. Your appointment will be endorsed by the parish and then sent to Northamptonshire Highways.

Anyone who is interested in becoming the Highway Warden for Finedon can contact the Clerk on 01933 398967.